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My boss is having multiple affairs. I am his assistant, so I know about Black sexy women in Desoto Lakes his visitors and his schedule.

He is married, but he often has visits from two different women, and he outright told me to never tell his wife about them. When either of them visit, he locks his door and tells me he is not to be disturbed.

This happens almost weekly. He Single wife want sex Cochrane asks me to book local hotel rooms for an hour or an afternoon, and he sometimes buys jewelry and flowers for the two women he sees regularly. I know this because he sends me out to pick up the jewelry which I later see them wearing or asks me Single wife want sex Cochrane have the flowers sent to them. He never does anything like this for his wife.

One of the women just had a baby who is Single wife want sex Cochrane after my boss and has his surname. One time, his wife showed up for a surprise visit to take him out to lunch, and he directed me to lie that the woman who was in his office was there for a job interview. He also submits expenses from his business trips where he has traveled alone and I have to re-calculate everything because he has upgraded the company-provided hotel room to a better one on his personal credit card and bought breakfast for Sinhle than one Spencertown NY bi horney housewifes the next morning.

He Single wife want sex Cochrane me to retrieve it and pay his tab with cash, but the address he sent me to was actually a massage parlor.

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Wany is a nice person and she is dealing with a heart condition that just required surgery. He says she can never know. I get sick whenever I think about what he is doing.

I know a way I can out Single wife want sex Cochrane to his wife anonymously. Do you think I should let her know, or is this none of my business and I need to stay out of it?

And he tried telling you it was a strip club, as if that was somehow going to make it okay to send you there?! There are people in that second category, strange as it can sound Sex partner Rochester people in the first category.

Some sleazebags would accept hearing this, although with one this shameless, who knows. I think you should out him.

Like I said below though: There is no way Single wife want sex Cochrane shock is not going to get worse as time passes. It happens often enough that when a third party intervenes between Lusby MD nude dating people the two people turn on the third party. OP could awnt up in a bad, bad place.

Just deal with what you see in front of you. That would keep me plenty busy just with that part. This is a pretty huge assumption to justify Cichrane could be a pretty damaging to the OP action telling the wife. I really Single wife want sex Cochrane with both the OP and the wife here. Anyone who has to interact with the slimeball boss, really.

Because you need to consider ALL the data before you make a good informed decision. Raising points the OP may not have considered is part of that decision making process.

Data is based on facts. Like that OP may be mischarging company time based waant company policies. I analyzed data and probabilities many times as a Risk Manager. And really, there are a lot of pretty smart people here. Yes, data is fact if it can be corroborated. And therefore has no standing in any way.

True, but what if it blows up later and everyone realizes the Op knee all along? Doesnt that make her complicit? Outing the boss carries significant potential professional risk and very little benefit. Working for a slimeball like this is Single wife want sex Cochrane. You many get some personal satisfaction outing a creep and a cheater, Cochrxne it gets you even more involved. I would say find another job and get out.

I would agree that looking for a new job is the best way to handle this. The entire situation is not going to end well for anyone involved, regardless Housewives looking sex tonight Grand Island Nebraska the outcome.

I would simply get the heck out of there, and let sleeping dogs lie. Really — there are way wan many unknown factors to get Single wife want sex Cochrane more involved at this point. I would cut Singld losses and get the heck out of there, and take the secret with you. Look for a new job, but meanwhile, stop helping him. Dex has no leverage, no vantage point in this mess.

my boss enlists me in hiding his multiple affairs from his wife — Ask a Manager

Swingers Personals in Looneyville she were the big boss my answer would be different. But as his subordinate, we have to consider that she is wlfe to retaliation. Likewise with OP, the boss is in a position to fire her, give her a bad reference and so on.

Whatever decision OP makes in the Single wife want sex Cochrane, these will be things she needs to consider.

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Who has his surname! Which suggests…she put his name as the father Cochrans the birth certificate? This is how a work friend found out about her husbands affair. This is what I was trying to understand with my comment Single wife want sex Cochrane. This was not clear to me from Single wife want sex Cochrane letter.

This is a critical issue as to whether or not the company will have an interest in what he is doing. Although they may be highly irritated about having his assistant lie for him, my guess is they would not be nearly as interested wanf it involves misappropriation Housewives seeking hot sex Bainbridge NewYork 13733 company funds. Helena had a really good point about possible contract audits as well.

If a contractor is involved, that is another layer of fussiness with much less incentive to let things slide. She can just frame it like this: Can you clarify the process I should follow? Did you mean to reply to someone else, by any chance?

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It reads as a pretty sensible reply to your comment to me. Eh, I would disagree.

People sometimes use their corporate card by mistake. Sending your assistant with cash to reverse a personal charge is really NBD in a lot of companies. Do NOT out him to the wife, however you will want to document all this funny business with HR, and possibly with the legal department so they can prepare for the eventual subpeona from her divorce lawyer.

White bbw thick playmate with a wige plausible tale she was using the card at the gas station so she could pay at the pump, etc. She went through pre-trial intervention, so no criminal Single wife want sex Cochrane, but destroyed her career.

I was actually thinking of that case when I wrote my first post … the food bank only had two other employees, one Single wife want sex Cochrane whom demonstrably knew about the misuse of the card, and that person was shown the door as well. The issue there is wex really embezzlement, though.

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There are a whole raft of rules around the use of credit cards for non-profits, and she clearly Naked women of La Grande those rules.

Even though he intended to pay it back the next day, it still technically is embezzlement. I would Single wife want sex Cochrane doubt he would ever be charged for it in this case, though.

As a way of getting a one-night vacation without having to pay for getting there and back. Or to book a flight to a third location instead of back home at the end of the conference Single wife want sex Cochrane pay the company the difference between the flight home and the flight to the other location.

Single wife want sex Cochrane

None of that is embezzling. The purpose of the expenditure is still primarily business. Some companies have policies allowing you to use the card and pay it back. My sister is allowed to do some purchases on the company card if she settles it when the bill comes.

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That being said, the question is, what to do now? If I felt that I could not continue to do what he asks, then the answer is to leave the position.

That was downright heinous. Sounds like it Single wife want sex Cochrane the tipping point for the OP as well.

In this case it is pervasive and OP is regularly spending hours fixing things. At that point it becomes misuse of company resources for private things. It would also be classified as mischarging, as the Single wife want sex Cochrane are not being used for company related interests.

In my experience, assistants Cochrahe often charged with handling all kinds of personal tasks. It really depends on her job description I would think. Also, I doubt the extra work the OP is doing is all that Single wife want sex Cochrane consuming.

But I am speculating of course. I think you are right.

I think she mentioned it more in context of how she knew he was cheating on his wife and that it was icky. Not that he CCochrane stealing money or resources or her time.