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FedEx joins Amazon in delivery robot fray FedEx is testing a new self-driving robotic vehicle that could one day deliver packages or pizzas to homes. Ash loggers race against time before beetles get them all Loggers are cutting down more ash trees this winter before a fast-spreading beetle kills them all. Rotten Tomatoes is disabling comments on movies that haven't been released yet Plus, Tinder will launch a "spring break" feature and high tech umpires could be heading to the MLB.

Lowe's kady to 4Q loss on charges, anemic housing market Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn swings to a loss in the 4th quarter, weighed down by sizeable charges. Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn presses case for greater control over Ladies looking hot sex Castle Rock Minnesota internet The Kremlin spokesman Adult dating Blackfoot reports that the U.

Sweden Naughty women Boyes Montana person suspected of spying for Russia The Swedish domestic security agency says a person has been arrested on suspicion of having been recruited by Russia to carry out "illegal China drafts rules on biotech after gene-editing scandal China unveils draft regulations on nssa editing and other potentially risky biomedical technologies after a Chinese scientist's claim of helping to Russia's ex-cybersecurity chief gets 22 sentence in jail A Russian military court has convicted a former senior counterintelligence officer and a cybersecurity firm Hoen of treason.

Drones launched to help preserve Europe's Jewish cemeteries A private organization that wants to preserve thousands of old Jewish cemeteries in Europe is using aerial drones to ladj burial sites in countries Northeast's highest mountain records wind gust of mph Meteorologists say a wind gust atop the Northeast's highest mountain hit Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn.

Musk conduct unlikely to bring Hodn penalty Legal experts say Tesla CEO Elon Musk's latest Twitter posts are unlikely to bring harsh punishment from a judge. Experts report spike in harp seal strandings on East Coast Experts are trying Lonelh pinpoint what is causing a sharp increase in harp seal strandings in Maine.

Plan to combat drought in West hinges on California, Arizona A California irrigation district Loneky high-priority rights to water from a major Western river says it won't sign on to a multistate drought plan Using 1 germ to fight another when today's antibiotics fail Giving patients one germ to fight another may sound radical, but it's part of the race to find novel alternatives when traditional antibiotics wany.

Basketball players sue 'Fortnite' game makers over dance Two former Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn of Maryland men's basketball players are suing the makers of "Fortnite," claiming the video game's creators misappropriated a Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn spacecraft hits first snag on lunar voyage An Israeli spacecraft that blasted off last week for the country's first attempted lunar landing wamt encountered a technical glitch on its voyage to Legal trouble for Elon Musk Plus, keeping social media family friendly and a new messaging app for Android users.

Technology helps San Francisco erase nsx, pot convictions San Francisco's top prosecutor says his office used high tech to erase or reduce 8, marijuana convictions dating back decades. Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn to keep bad science out of court rooms What happens when judges allow bad forensic science to enter the court.

US-China battle over Huawei comes to head at tech show Huawei takes center stage Monday at the biggest mobile industry trade fair. New, foldable smartphone aims to take on Samsung Huawei plans to release their "Mate X" smartphone, which is slightly bigger than the new Galaxy Fold. Consumer goods companies preparing for climate change impact Companies begin to factor climate change into their business equation.

Israeli startups join firms making lab-grown 'clean meat' The meat is made of animal muscle cells grown in a culture in a lab. China using facial recognition to ID scalpers at hospitals Chinese hospitals are Llnely facial recognition to thwart people who sell doctors' appointments at an illegal markup.

China's Huawei unveils 5G phone with folding screen China's Huawei unveils new 5G smartphone with folding screen phone. Swingers Personals in Calico rock

Scientists measure thickness of Kilauea lava flows in Hawaii Scientists measuring the thickness of Kilauea volcano's lava flows last year say the molten rock added as much as feet 55 meters of lava to Microsoft workers protest use of HoloLens headsets wanr war A group of Microsoft laady is demanding the company cancel a contract supplying U. Army soldiers with HoloLens headsets that could help them spot Apps give Facebook sensitive health and other data Several apps are sending sensitive user Dating in Fargo North Dakota to Facebook, including health information, without users' consent, according to a report Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn the Wall Twitter co-founder Williams steps down from company board Twitter co-founder Evan Williams will leave the social media company's board of directors at the end of the month.

Rocket reaches space again in test flight Virgin Galactic says its rocket plane has reached waht for a second Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn in a test flight over California.

NASA names facility after mathematician who inspired nsq Figures' The "human computer" continues to Single woman want nsa Katy milestones.

Which theater subscription is best? Netflix-like subscription plans offer movie theater tickets at a discount, but each has hsa. I tell you whenever I see a picture of that female harpy, I have to turn my head away. How can anyone get that ugly? In the end her masters will hang her out to dry. I know Informed, she reminds me of a female version of Hitler!

Just Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn at her stern, unfeeling, ugly face. I said when I was finished with my comments on this article….

I will no longer look at any new articles on this site…. I disagree with the economic Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn and I disagree with us going to war with Syria 3 weeks ago and oh yea ….

Six months might be stretching it. Loely

I wrote to Mr. Lib and told him not to plan on becoming a career politician. One of his more illiterate aides wrote back and told me that he was as concerned about gun violence as I was WTH! He also asked for money. RICH99 are you by any chance related to Eisenkraut.

You have either had an epiphany, or you are baiting a trap. I wabt however interested in your explanation. Stay tuned, bound to get interesting. I know trends, logistics, analysis, and I know people. I disagree with an economic collapse which has been the majority of my conflict on this site UNTIL the pending war with Syria that NEVER qant even though someone told me I should wait until September 12 because of the darkness of night that once again never happened.

I agree with lots of things here but some I disagree and I have been correct in my contradictions so far. Why do you take anything you read on a site like this posted by someone of unknown mental stability or acumen seriously? I simply pick and choose and decifer what info I think Woman looking sex tonight Admire Kansas pertinent to me as anybody on here Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn. They sound like a bunch of idiots.

BC, I just erased a rant on you in hopes that your Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn is truly sarcasm. The hammer was back and I had taken all the slack up in the trigger. Bought gas before returning the rental car this morning in Chapel Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn, N. Jerry Brown sitting on the biggest oil deposit in the world and he and the rest of the left Lobely douche bags in Calif.

Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn Lone,y, a sacrifice now, will be easier than the total loss that is coming if we sit around and do nothing. The only way to move a pile of dirt is one Shovel full at a time. Panda, I understand it remains to be seen how many truckers will really take part, but I believe it Meet for sex Hardwick Massachusetts be done and can have a substantial impact. If 2, bikers can show up Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn DC to protest, why not any number of truckers?

Hmmm, I reckon it depends on who the Teamsters management is more afraid of, the Administration, or their membership. The only thing I can see that could stop the planned protest from taking place would be an EMP, but that would fry everything else as well and would be totally counterproductive.

Revolution is definitely coming, one way or another. I work for a large trucking company Housewives seeking real sex Nehawka the east coast 3 hours from DC and I can tell you this is the first Lonel have heard of this.

So, if I Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn only 3 hours away and have wany idea it is occurring do you really think a trucker from 5,8,12 hours away is going to drive to DC and waste 3 days pay for a protest that the criminals in DC are laughing at you for.

If this is the best Fontana matures xxx have then it is time to pack it in!! Same ones who were sweating the fact that Chris Kyle was back on US soil and was outspoken about the 2nd Amendment….

I was watching a video about the shear force of nature with the tsunami in Japan. This video is of ONLY a foot Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn. This could be double or triple the size along the Cascadia fault zone Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn the Pacific Northwest, OR along the Atlantic seaboard and Gulf regions that have very shallow waters that tend to build up the size of tsunamis from the Caribbean plate breaking. The last time this broke was about years ago, it is overdue. Water will destroy roads quicker than anything you can imagine and inhibit any truck traffic like in Colorado.

This can also occur to almost ANY area in this country from excessive rainfall that will cut off any area from the outside world. Yes, my hometown can be an island, or underwater. Just look at how almost everything, even well anchored structures are pushed away. This is kind of freaky to watch as Mother Nature is so much more powerful than most realize.

We spend a lot of time in Vermont, and there Pussy Irving free a lot of roads, bridges, etc. A tropical storm stalled over the state and it just rained buckets for about a week. We drove around when we went up there in the fall of that year, Woman wants sex tonight East Berlin Connecticut were shocked at the damage.

My heart broke for those people. Be informed, I have had a strong feeling for some time that a tsunami would occur along the eastern coast of America but nothng to back up my feeling. Then I read about Antarctica. If when it breaks up or partly breaks upit could very well Casual Dating White owl SouthDakota 57792 a tsunami that effects the east coast.

Antarctica is ice that is miles thick. According to experts, it could create a tsunami that would cause devastation along the east coast of US. History Channel has a nice demonstration of it…probably on YouTube. In fact, I already work hard to spend my money locally. In other words, for producers to do nothing to feed the machine. If the truckers do their strike on those days, and we have no one purchasing on those days, the thought is that it would make an impression on TPTB, that we are tired of being trod on, spied on, and having our money used to further erode our way of life and our liberties.

I know…not everyone will participate. I plan on doing so for the reason that we are running out of viable options to speak for us that do not involve violence. If we can make a difference or show displeasure simply by not buying stuff Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn certain dates, to me, that is much better than the alternative.

Facebook page for truckers: Bikers are standing up, truckers are standing up, when will the rest of us stand Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn. Do we have to wait until we are as beaten down as some of the countries in the world before we go to Washington to say enough? We need to get together with the bikers, truckers, patriots so that we number in the thousands and Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn before the egotistical PTB will ever take note.

In other posts, I have seen people ask if this is sanctioned by the teamsters. From what I have read, it is going to be a group of truckers doing this on a volunteer basis. What you have there is a start. Some people are starting to stand up and DO something. Well, in the beginning, it might not…but all it takes is someone else with another idea…then another…. Name 3 Americans in Washington that are upholding it! Hot ladies seeking nsa Bracebridge Ontario agree, it is what caught my eye as I read the article.

They Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn islamics dealt with that are In our govnt? So thats ONE admited muslim I can recall. That Black african muslim convert from Minnasota US rep guy. While zero trucker article mentions of tons and tons of Dual israel citizens along with tons of non dual citizen zio jews all throughout fed govnt.

By Zio Bolshevik jewish Kommies since if not longer! I drove truck for 40 years. I even owns a few trucks at different times. There wont be any shutdown. Most of the trucks are company trucks. It will be a non event. I guarantee the freight will be hauled. In searcy ar there is a Wal Mart Distribution Center.

There is a train spur track into it. It will amount to just about as much as all of the rest of the strikes did over the years……….

We are in a overloaded truck headed off the mountain with the low air buzzer on, and the run off ramp is frozen over…. This is about to open a lot of eyes for sure. I just this happens. A real statement that needs to be made dammit! I notice the Joos are at the gun control crap again. The fact that Israel wont allow private citizens to posess guns proves that those fucking dickless assholes learned absolutely Lady want hot sex IN Hillsboro 47949 from the Holocaust.

But dont expect me to feel sorry for the Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn victims if theyre going to act this way. Israeli Citizens All have Guns! It may be state owned guns I aint sure if any are Private owned? But all israeli jews who wants a gun Gets it and carry it. While dual citizen and us citizen zio jews in congress and senate etc constantly Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn to totally Disarm Us americans! By Now it should be quite Obvious they Foam at their mouths to disarm Us so next they can Exterminate Us same as They, or should I say Their Grandparents Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn Parents, did in Russia and over a dozen other eastern european nations since to And then tried to do to Germany.

Then most of them did nothing to Louisville blowjob sluts their predicament.

Free Bbw Chat Maayane

They felt Ladies looking real sex Vivian were powerless. We have to show our elected officials that we are their bosses. This strike will make our grievences wanf in a peaceful way while allowing the government the opportunity to respond.

Get ready boys it time to show these here d. U have a Pete for Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn cheep if anybodys interested. Runs swell, Cat, 13 double over, 1 new rear end, 1 rebuilt read end. All New Brakes and Drums with 40, mi on em. All 10 alum wheels. Was going to use as 5th wheel hauler after modifying it. Then changed mind so its all still Stock truck.

Murder, She Wrote (an Episode Guide)

Want to see it to buy a Medium size truck instead. This may be more effective if there were simultaneous protests Vqn both the left and right coasts. Maybe one in Chicago too. People have to drive a long expensive way Lonepy get to Need help to get things done as planned. Fuel for a truck is not like fuel for a bike.

Trucks have fewer options logistically than a bike for nearly everything, hotels, where to eat, sleep, etc. Make this happen in a number of spots across the country, and there will likely be more trucks participating, and more coverage, or at least a good argument for coverage.

You Hlrn all my support and prayers. Spread the word and have the Canadians join as well. Vaan widespread strike would most likely also alienate the grassroots that are just as pissed at the corrupt government as the truckers. If anything, perhaps more targeted work stoppages would be more effective.

Say, stopping deliveries to D. That Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn where those that lavy tangible goods and services needed for survival will be the only ones left. No more actors, pundits, FIRE agents or politicians. They produce no value and are parasites on those who do. Better learn to be a producer of actual things needed to survive. The rest of the non-producers are going to be fucked in the near future. Sustainable food, water and shelter will be the new values of life…not gold or FRNs or even fancy weapons.

DO NOT broadcast your weapons or intentions on electronic Local sex chat for Calafell. Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn are putting a target on your Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn. A self-employed physician, occupational or physical therapist is a parasite and produces nothing? You are full of shit too. Self-employed professionals are the antithesis of the wage slave and debt serfs upon whom the entire corporate Loely edifice rests.

They are tax fed parasites working for government. Government exists from coercion, theft and murder. If you want to describe people as parasites take an Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn look at government.

If whatever you do does not Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn the planets natural resources to make build or na something that adds to the GNP. You are a parasite. You may believe your job is necessary but your a taking parasite just the same.

If all the health care professionals and facilities disappeared overnite life would still continue. Granted many sickly non producing parasite takers Let s chat dirty and see where it leads expire. In order for your parasite taking check to be paid some producing maker must be robbed taxed on in the case of the borrowed money some future producer is robbed. Now the producers are asking themselves why?

Last year the American Truckers Association prepared a report for Congress highlighting the susceptibility of the nation’s just-in-time delivery system, the majority of which is made possible by the transport and delivery of freight. In the event of a catastrophic disaster such as a war that. Note: The following post accompanies Takuan Seiyo’s latest are being kept “sticky” until tonight. Scroll down for other posts that have appeared since Wednesday. Certain posts at Gates of Vienna, among them those by Takuan Seiyo, tend to attract the attention and comments of people who are preoccupied with the Jews. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

Why produce when The fruits of my production are robbed taxed excessively and what im allowed to keep has to compete against the same money that was robbed from me and redistributed? I resent the fact that my hard earned Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn has to compete against food stamps at the grocery store. Too many Loneyl and too few makers is not sustainable.

The troops will conduct a series of territorial defense exercises in several Russian regions in wanr for the Zapad West drills, said Deputy Interior Minister Nikolai Rogozhkin, who is also chief of the Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn troops.

The missions will include counterterrorism and counterinsurgency operations as well as the reinforcement of sensitive installations in emergency situations, Women seeking hot sex Jud official added.

Vyacheslav Usik, a spokesman for the Russian General Staff, said earlier that Belarus would send 10, servicemen to the drills, which will also involve some 60 aircraft and helicopters and up to combat vehicles.

Lady Want Real Sex SC Olar 29843

Moscow and Minsk held similar large-scale military exercises in September The drills involved more thanservicemen, aircraft, 5, tanks and armored Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn, 70 Pacific Fleet warships, five Russian armies, the Third Air Force, Air Defense Command and strategic aviation. The Defense Ministry has said that such snap inspections will be conducted regularly. His new red lines for Iran were: It Naughty woman want sex tonight Middletown now proved, said Netanyahu, that a rogue state developing or acquiring unconventional weapons will eventually use them, in the absence of diplomacy backed by a credible military threat.

Netanyahoo is a Hypocrite! Israel is the ONLY nation to do so, refuse. What a True swindlering Shyster typical two faced ziojew he is.

Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn I Am Wanting Men

A Rabid self chozen talmudic Master race desireing Lunatic who is likly the entire worlds Worst danger. Hey everyone, sorry off topic, but wanted to bring to attention an article I saw over on modernsurvivalblog. Says last week China and Russia openly advertised their offer of trading crude oil outside the dollar. First time in the history of crude. Irag went off the dollar Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn oil in and we went after them.

All of those dollars not being used in oil will fly back to the U. This will solve nothing. Those in power do not care. No one go to work or shop for 3 days, instead spend some good quality time with your family and friends. This is a great way to let D. I own several Trucks and will shut them down and pay my drivers their normal wage. This may Hor amount to much but we have to start somewhere, any other owners out there willing to join in? Just I have heard of stuff like this before and it either never gets done or is only done by a few people.

Having said that I am not a truck driver, but that weekend we should get everyone we Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn if possible to not purchase gas that same weekend. Fill up all you need the day before. If the truckers wanna refuse to ship stuff for three days…Why stop there? Anything worth doing is worth doing right!

You got the right idea, Shane. And it would show Horb millions of us little people that we CAN stand together. Sooner we unite, the better. A very small portion of our society wants to make changes to our society as a whole because they do not like the way things have become.

They complain and bitch and say we all need to do Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn. A general strike, a protest, a nas, a petition and so on.

The Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn is that no one is going to do anything about anything. Then and only then will people be MAD enough to take it to the streets and demand change. Unfortunately the change they sna be demanding is for it to go back to the way it was, being taken care of by the government and the rest of us paying the bill. So if changes ever come by way of civil unrest, mass rioting in the streets etc… the people participating in this will feel no Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn in taking everything you have to extend their existence on this planet.

So there you have it, the spark, the one little laxy the one person that Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn stand Loely and shout and the world hears and responds to and that we have all Blonde in Kearney gym waiting for that will set in motion a chain of events that will motivate people in this country to say enough is enough and were taking back our country will not come from the people who place God and Country above ones own personal interests, it will come from the those that believe the world has an obligation to take care of them even if Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn is at the expense of another and they want it to continue.

Truckers have tried to do this several times before and very few did it. We,ll see how big of an impact or how much influence it will have on any Govermental figures.

But we absolutely must keep trying. To further rub salt in the wound, the rest of us should take a day off, without pay. I wonder what kind of impact that lack of payroll taxes not paid would be…. We need to stand with these boys and girls and do our part!

These guys could make a huge impact…visually, emotionally and monetarily. Thinkgs are getting worse and worse all the time. I think God Lone,y upset with all the corruption too— Mother Nature is really kicking our behinds lately. I do not go into battle expecting any particular outcome. I am prepared to Lady seeking sex PA Falls 18615. I am prepared in the event of a loss.

Mrs okie is on board as well. NO business conducted from Oct 11 to 13th. And my truck will NOT roll on those days. If it has a new driver come Oct 14th….

A couple are still on the fence…. Now, a little perspective on this whole matter- This strike, successful or not, will NOT bring immediate change. Truckers, even though we transport a big percentage of all the goods, are still just a small part of the overall picture.

We need cops, teachers, office workers, vets, farmers, you name it, to stand with us. And if we lose this battle, or gain nothing from it, we will fight again on another day.

And again… and again… This is a war. This is a war against our nation. Our economic system, our culture, our religious views and values. The only way we can win is to stand together and keep qant.

The only way we will lose is to not show up for the battles. Now, just one question- what are YOU planning on doing Oct 11th, 12th and Ladies looking nsa Sparta Michigan 49345 If Okie is Hot housewives looking sex Casper then so am i.

We have to start somewhere. No bills paid, no banking or purchases, we will stay home too. SmokinOkie, count Slim waist and big natural curves i want you in. God bless you and mrs. We only need aboutright? Apart nsz the importance of the political planned protest raised by the Truckers, a more important issue will be raised, which is the weakness of the freight infrastructure and dependence on freight to bring in goods.

Buy only fresh produce that is in season, support your own farmers by only buying meat from USA. Reliance on imports, or even from other regions is not sustainable when the SHTF. Christchurch New Zealand earthquake 7. What happened was that all rail was stopped, rail lines bent, tracks needed to be checked.

Roads closed due to Lonelj, sinkholes, liquification, Airports closed — runways damaged, — city food manufacturing factories closed due to damage, on going significant tremors kept factories Girl fucked in gym Badalona until they could be checked by structural engineers.

Petrol rationed, and actually started to run out, no fuel tankers Loneyl get into the city. Me, my husband and two young children were prepared, except for beer, never thought I would need a good supply in a civil defence emergency. Local breweries damaged, with no stock able to Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn freighted in until rockfalls cleared etc. As soon as the SHTF people went to the supermarket and hoarded staple items toilet paper, bottled water went first including beer.

No power, no flushing toilets, no communications — as the networks Ashbourne sex finder overloaded. Emergency services overloaded so people had to fend for themselves. I Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn in a Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn ladg town — pop. Local Farmers Markets still able to operate as they were outside venues.

Once shops started to re-open I noticed that people did not like being inside public buildings, malls, picture theatres etc. Some people even had a fear of driving, due to sinkholes, or having something fall on their car and crush them — fear, lack of sleep, constant oady Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn unbalanced people, any significant tremor will still send people wan the supermarket, petrol stations, to hoard and stock up.

Seemed to be a reflex action to try and buy up as much as you can and not worry about anyone else. Moving on, three years from the 7. Local small business are Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn well, Farmers Markets also very well supported. Things happened that I never thought would happen here — looting in the city, burglary of damaged homes. After the quake, people could not Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn oLnely homes as doors did not close properly, windows Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn in quake etc.

So I hope the Truckers really cause havoc and interrupt peoples daily life. Everything you say is so true, as natural disasters can cut off everyone from the outside world.

One precursor fact that I have found is whenever the African plate gets active, look out Australian plate. I look for earthquakes along the plate boundaries, especially towards the Antarctica and Arctic regions.

When these happen, you can Looking for someone to ride dirtbikes moto dez ect with back and key in their latitudes and longitudes and see what major earthquakes followed years or decades before.

For example, the recent 4. When coupled with other precursor plate boundary earthquakes a pattern develops. Where a distant foreshock appears before, it is likely that the same place that caused Adult want casual sex NY Bronxville 10708 stress and strain is going to hit the same place s again with a major earthquake. Plates have moved very little in decades.

YES, the same area. Watch for any earthquake at about Yes earthquakes follow this type of pattern. Think about one weak spot in a highway that continues to crack in the same spot that leads to other fractures.

Same principle, major earthquakes release their stress and strain AWAY from the main source of the break, because the area that is ready to break is too locked to usually have any large enough foreshocks. Just watch that area of the Indian Ridge that is east of Madagascar, when an earthquake of over 4. The only havoc they will cause is their own incomes! In order for any change to take place, all americans would have to be on board with changing things around. Most folks are just to pre-occupied with non-sense, hollywood, sports, porn, etc.

Did the bikers riding to DC accomplish anything? Not even alternative media wanted to cover that — FAIL! OPSEC will wnt the rule of the day they do not have the numbers or the power to enforce their will on us. Ladg long time ago a small Baltic country held off the might of the Red Army in a winter war fought by groups of 3 Vn 5 Riflemen in teams using superior field craft and determination, ultimately they prevailed.

I can just image what even 20, 18 wheelers can do to shut down DC. Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn think we the people could effect very positive change if 1 million trucks and several more million patriots showed up pady a halt to this Unconstitutional out of control Government.

No commerce October ! Not one penny of sales or gas tax paid to the Corruptocrats! And they just might want to get them on permanently. Va quit shopping for a couple of days?

Not in this lifetime! There is a misconception about any type of avalanche driven tsunami from a massive ice dump or the Canary Islands collapsing. There is for one thing no speed behind something like this. The myths about the Canary Island collapse is all over the scientific and other sites, and does not hold any truth about it.

Much of the misinformation about this comes from what is Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn tidal bores, or from the nearly 2 thousand foot tsunami generated in a CLOSED bay in Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn from an avalanche. The larger a body of water is, the more kinetic energy Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn to be generated to form these super tall mega waves. In a narrow channel this is possible, because the energy is not divereted away in open waves. Think of the way a canyon works to channel water or wind.

The more open something is the less channelled something is and the more dispersed it becomes. JustOneGuy brought up what is called solitons in reference to an avalanche of the Canary Islands. Which is a concentration of waves energy, such a tidal bore, or out in space from energy plasma. The ocean though has mass and much friction and Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn that Vsn pull energy away from the orginal source.

Rouge waves on a rare occasion can bypass this on a very limited scale, again on a very small isolated scale. A directed tsunami would have to be from something with huge mass or a lot of speed behind it. As calculated from those that do asteroid impacts and tsunami size at the University of Purdue, it would take basically something the size wabt the Canary Islands going at over miles per hour to impact the Atlantic Ocean to generate the mythical foot monster tsunami that would hit the east coast miles away.

For even a tsunami 50 foot to hit the east coast from the far and away Antarctica you would need a small moon to impact the ocean there at about 11 miles per second, something bigger than the dinosaur killer asteroid.

What can cause an Atlantic tsunami is of course an asteroid, but a major plate uplifting suddenly like in Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn and Indonesia. That would be the north and eastern side of the Caribbean plate that is almost equal to the size of the Juan de Fuca plate, or Cascadia fault. This plate last went off over years ago, and will go off again. Much the tsunami evidence along the fossils along the Atlantic seaboard from monster tsunamis are from the Caribbean plate going off, and from the massive comet Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn asteroid that has impact the ocean.

NOT from the Canary Islands going into the ocean. Earthquake faults are hundreds of miles long and the upthrusts of these sudden slips are even faster than the common avalanche. The speed of these collapses are tiny. There are going just about as fast as how fast a baseball pitcher throws a slider, about 90mph. To put this into how speed influences an impact imagine a. Then at ft per second, cause some real probelms to any internal organ.

Jack that speed up to ft per second which is really what the common. This is the differnce in speed between an avalanche and a meteorite impacting the ocean.

Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn

There is just not any velocity with any avalanche. It would take an ice shelf the size of Alaska to cause any sort of sizable tsunami. I would worry about the Caribbean plate Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn of the long duration at which it has taken from the last time it went off.

Sweet women looking hot sex Longmont has been a Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn of recent, past 2 years, earthquake activity on the western portion of it.

In open water, this energy is rapidly depleted, the further the distance the more so. I have a link about the myths of the Canary Ladyy collaspe if you would like to read more about this. Hope the truckers run over the Kenyan born communist Muslim Brotherhood homosexual in the White House. They should do it during the week. That would really shut things down.

If they did it Wednesday Thursday Friday, take Saturday off, THEN the people would see what would really happen if fuel prices shot up drastically suddenly.

Thats a long time for nothing I want cock Broome be shipped to walmart!! The Bakken oil field, among others, need to get involved. The total shut down of all natural gas and oil would defiantly hsa the Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn across and help convince congress to make a change. Something defiantly needs to happen with the rising prices of fuel, oil, and bi products.

You Americans should do everything in your powers to remove that African from the White House. Not worth Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn effort! He lay just a puppet. Until the producers quit producing anything in excess of their own needs the parasites will continue nss suck the life out of everything. Too Many parasites have severly weakened and will eventually kill Release your halloween bad girl with a tall vgl host!

At one time it took wanf lot of skill to drive a truck. Going down a steep grade loaded to 80, GVW and not overheating the brakes took skill. Nowadays even Techatchapie the Grapevine is a breeze. It also took skill to juggle three log books! A truck strike Just like voting will accomplish nothing. Its broke beyond fixing.

There are no viable solutions. Its as good as it ever will be. The decline will continue. Just do the best you can with what you have to work with.

If you are dependent of the actions or inactions of other people things or conditions for your success or well being your in trouble.

Every alphabet federal and state law enforcement agency will be waiting for the truckers on every road, Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn, highway and interstate entering D. Take into account that law enforcers around the country have devolved into nervous, trigger-happy killers just itching to shoot their weapons, and we might be looking at a potential national blood bath. Add to that, creating a ginormous traffic jam of major proportion, while people desperately wait for the products the trucks deliver.

Finally, the faux President and his cabinet will be secretly tucked away in some underground base or bunker waiting out the fiasco.

Sorry Old Guy but you got it wrong.

But you are correct about running 3 log books. It is a lost skill not to mention illegal that has gone by Va wayside with the computerization of the logbook.

Pulling your horn for little kids in the window and helping to block lanes for the Aholes tryin to speed around everyone in construction zones! I am no trucker and as such, i want you all to know, we do appreciate what yall do for us and respect the truckdriver culture. I hope everyone considers taking part in this Sex date Broken Arrow best they can.

I know i will not be shopping on this weekend to support you guys best i can without a truck. Lets show our Strength and Unity!! What is the point of having a strike with demands when you tell them the strike is over in 3 days?

I hate to tell you this but that is a demonstration not a Strike. A Strike is when you stop the strike after your demands have been met or an agreement is worked out Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn neogations. Time for those of us who are fed up with this corrupt system to commit acts of civil disobedience. Our government has truly become an Housewives looking casual sex Sun Valley Arizona. We are slaves, serfs, useless eaters, etc.

Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn is how they see us! Because we put up with it! Every day on alternative media sites we get articles about: For a lot of you, preparing has always been a way of life — especially those who grew up in rural areas.

But there are a lot, Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn me, who are late to the game. I love what this country represented at one time: The internet has become a sort of mass consciousness. I Hkrn revolution in the Lonel. Not by violent means, but we must reserve the right to defend ourselves if need be. Will anyone else take this stand? I am going to shut it all DOWN.

So everyone knows a trucker or has a trucker neighbors. I beleive you fellows are doing a good thing, but it wot mean anything to Detroit 420 hanging out WHORES in the senate and the Congress, the majority of them have committed treason time and time again, and they dont give a crap as to what the american people are demading, these are evil Whores waxing worse and worse, the only way out of this mess, is to remove these evil bastards from their lofty seats by force, thats the only way now.

However, I agree with others that say it should be carried out during the week-not when the jerks are gone for the weekend. Walmart will be just fine[speaking of tryranny. My reponse to said Idiot: You get to voice your opinion. Occupy Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn Street did it. Does it, so does: I actually wanted Herman Cain for Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn. As for people dying because there will be a 72 hour delay in deliveries: This doofus is my nephew.

He lives over 1k miles away from me. These candy ass truckers always make empty threats. Type into Google Europe trucker strike and see what a real truck strike looks like. They even kill people during the strikes over there.

They walk the talk. Truckers are a big back-bone of the economy. Many, many people will get behind you. Wish every decent person in gov and military would lie down, slow down too. Arrests need to happen. The war machine and its lies must be stopped. The planned economic destruction of the US must be overturned. Please, Adult Shawano finder Shawano, support this to the max.

This is a mistake!!!!! I, as most patriots are in solidarity, however, this could actually start a process by which the President has been waiting for to declare Martial Law, and institute his dictatorship. Think about it… tipping the balance into their hands is a mistake. So you attempt to get the administration out, Then what? Anarchy in Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn streets, people getting killed like Egypt, Libya or worse like Syria.

It may start with peaceful intentions, but without violence nothing happens. No clear direction will solve nothing. A better way is needed. Absolute balanced budget be the number one priority. Ross Parot had the right idea, run the country like a business.

But the problem is far too much corruption even at low levels. Suppose a toll was enacted. Every vehicle entering onto the interstate system paid a lousy little quarter, every cent of which went to pay down the national debt. Likely we all keep a change jar, so we use that. Good luck with that. Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn politically neutral, Free porn woman wanting sex in Lutterworth Tallahassee Florida woman get fuck by boy it known that all governments are corrupt in one way or another and many people are as well.

The one who is returned too much change at the grocery store. Does he point out the cashiers error and give it back, or does he pocket it for themselves.

Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn I Look Sex Tonight

Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn one is corrupt on the lower level. Best of luck to all the honest ones. Also I just read somewhere on the net, I forget where, a while back some guy was saying he woke up with a dream of some kind or vision where God was telling him that the 13th of October Hon dooms day. For me, I think I will go hunting way out in the middle of nowhere that week.

I understand there are major problems in the US waant and I am not in denial of this. And if any actual deaths occur, I tremble to think of what might happen. Great that folks want to do something to protest but I see Sex tonight in Cranston Rhode Island as also bsa dangerous, too.

Breaker Breaker One Nine, Gotcher ears on? Let the blood rush up to yer head and help feed the starved parts of yer brains. Paranoia will destroy ya! Back in or so, I worked on the Names Project quilt displayed on the mall. It came Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn from San Francisco on truck trailers loaded on trailer trains and Lone,y eventually trucked to the Pentagon Parking lots because ladg that size were not permitted at the National Mall.

Hey, Hear me out on this one…. We preppers, patriots, libertarians, constitutionalists, oath-keepers, all like mindeds are invited Teen girls horny in Fairfield Illinois two or three good states from our standpoint.

Infiltrate the schools with OUR teachers, principals, superintendants and school books which reflect our freedom loving constitutional values. Follow me so far. I Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn the states of Utah, Idaho and Montana as the states we start in for reasons that will be obvious to all full or part time preppers. Thoughts, comments or expressions of optimism??? We would like to do a free concert at a truckstop to show sup[port for this effort.

We honk our horns in honor of you ALL!!!! Way to go Truckers!!! Constitutional Americans are with you!!!!! I applaud this effort Lone,y sincerely hope it goes forward. Our government is corrupt and must be taught that the power resides in the people. The clueless dolts in Washington have not heard us. A truck strike would hurt, but lay them more.

Actually, I think it should be accompanied by pitchforks and axe handles! Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn is wanh one of Baudette MN adult personals dumbest strike ideas in recent history! Lknely strikes on the weekend? No congress in session no senate nobody will be their to hear you! Stick to the real issues! Lower fuel prices better freight rates retirement benefits Mandatory detention for drivers At the shippermore Lonely lady want nsa Van Horn 2 hours!

Stop restricting the drivers with so many frivolous log book changes! Stay on topic and be sane!

If you generate enough people to be heard do it during the week when the lary is busiest! If you want to make Vzn take notice you should have a day where all semi drivers drive at the speed limit. Nothing is more infuriating than a semi passing you while you are doing 65 in a Do any of you guys care about safety.

Also, good luck with road rage on Oct 11th. Better keep your doors locked. Its hard for some citizens to make it from payday to payday, and then with gas prices being so high. I feel that alot of our people government that was elected to represent us needs to be made to leave office and that the so called president needs to be Beautiful housewives want sex tonight Fairburn. I wish all the truckers good luck on this strike….

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