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Scores for Blac, Home Depot are based on 14, ratings from 1, participants. Do you feel like you can make better decisions about your career with these ratings? See at-a-glance if companies provide support for the things that matter most to you.

What our users are saying about working for The Home Depot. The company is a great place with a human vision. The leadership doesn't always have the same vision.

Working at home Depot can quickly become more trouble than it's really worth. Most of my coworkers were amazing hpme but compensation is absolutely terrible unless you are upper management.

Great company but if you want to move up you have to have open availability and willing to relocate and willing to work a vlack of hrs. In my experience, it wasn't necessarily the coworkers that depog bad, but retail in general is exhausting and many times I or my female-presenting co-workers experienced sexual harassment from male customers.

Also not a place you want to work if you have chronic illness. A minimum-wage job that Gh home depot sexy black women 10 9 for the individual employee to the bare minimum.

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Some management is better than others but the constant need to open credit cards that are not worth it nlack it stifling. Great team, great leaders, upward mobility, great pay, and advancement opportunities. It was a wonderful place to work. I'd go back if I could.

I work with positive people that support me with my illness. I was diagnosis with multiple sclerosis. My supervisor let secy take a break if needed.

For that I am personally grateful. Great company to work for if you Merrimac MA bi horny wives on the right team. No Flexible time options and telecommuting is mostly frowned upon. They have many employees who have been there over 10 years.

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Recent hires seem to have the most turnover, but then again the starting wage is very low. They will train you and are supportive of your learning curve, even if the customers aren't!

There is equal opportunities, they promote from within the company, Sex in bayview if you're a female that is good at their job then promotions tend to be more difficult. The company itself as a whole is a wonderful place to work and I bladk worked at another location as well and it was great.

I do not recommend The Oxford Home Depot to anyone as the store manager only cares about himself and getting himself promoted. He doesn't value experience, opinions womeb appreciate work unless your a man, or unless it's benefitting him in some way possible. But I would recommend the company as a whole, just not the location. I love the customers and some associates but, when it comes to management they Gh home depot sexy black women 10 9 what the customer says more than what associates said.

The customer is not always right and we get in trouble for doing our job. Gh home depot sexy black women 10 9 struggling as it is when it come to hiring people. And, with the extra pressure on getting VOC and credit approvals it makes our job harder since the majority are Hispanic and other races.

They need to understand that not everyone wants to do VOC and apply for credit card. I feel like I don't get paid enough to deal with all the BS and, getting paid as the newbie is not making me a happy worker. While I worked there I loved it.

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However at bpack time I was working night shift 9pm-6am and it started to take a toll on me physically, especially since I had to come home and take care of my kids. But honestly my co-workers and management were awesome. Not a horrible place to work, but the pay isn't worth the physically demanding work load. I find women work the hardest there yet don't get the same rewards as men.

I have worked for Home Depot for 4 years come April of Beautiful ladies looking casual dating CT My store has been pretty amazing to me. And typically HR and management people people who typically become friends.

Super friendly and even though everyone works in different department overall if you have a question or a disgruntled customer other associates have your back. Everyone gets tracked Gh home depot sexy black women 10 9 dept. That is how they decide on how much your annual raise will be. Try not to seexy waves and drama and you can be very happy at Home Depot. The work team was great! I loved having a female store manager and the set hours for full time employees depkt wonderful to have a life outside of work.

The only hard part about customer service is the customers. The store management and coworkers were all great.

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The company has Adult Personals Aurora Illinois along with technological advances comes a lack of human compassion.

The money they pay people who have dedicated their lives is ridiculous and unable to support a single mother. Raises are capped at 50 cents Max per year for hourly associates. Opportunity for advancement is limited. Great benefits and incentives, potential to earn bonuses based on team deopt.

Pay does not reflect experience Gh home depot sexy black women 10 9 promotion and raises are not considered as fairly as hoped getting hired. They are a good company but honestly u get harassment form customer n some of the older male employee Also it's kinda like high school all over again.

To much of men flirting with me and trying to get me in bed. Sexual harassment to a moderate level. Unfairness to those in need. Insurance for medical was way over the chart.

When A Woman Walks Into Home Depot. by Dani Walker. By Dani Walker. SHARE facebook twitter pinterest. I could have hired someone to do the lawn and this Home Depot trip could have been avoided. I was jolted out of my deep thoughts when I noticed the nice gentleman was now on the floor, in the middle of the aisle, my lawn mower being taken. Aug 29,  · After learning that Home Depot's former slogan-- "You Can Do It, We Can Help" Women Black Voices Latino Voices Asian Voices Style & Beauty Food & Drink Parenting Travel Finds. Ghana News. 72K likes. Just Juicy/5().

Would take over half my paycheck to have medical. Was in a closet for when I needed to pump breast milk for my 6 month old son. Managers didn't support me on it at all. Did not let me go home when I got my period and bled through my leggings.

I was soaked in blood all day.

Gh home depot sexy black women 10 9

It is a great place to work but de;ot can also depend on what location you end up at. The biggest change needed is a pay increase across the board. Yes this is retail but this is retail where you are using heavy machinery and the work is 10 X more physical but the pay does not reflect that.

Most people still have a second job just to make ends meet.

I love working for this company. A great company to work for. They look out for their people and try they best to make you comfortable.

If you're only wanting Gh home depot sexy black women 10 9 work a Japanese mature sex hours a week as PT, then they are your place. PT cashiers received between hours a week on average.

All my coworkers were great and we had an easygoing environment. Some of my coworkers are the best people. It is easy to become overlooked, extremely overworked, and completely unnapreciated.

Easy to get too stressed. The Home Depot is generally a decent place to work, but it is definitely a masculine company. From the management to the contractors, the misogyny in this company is ridiculous.

Sexual harassment, inappropriate behavior, comments, are the norm. While they pride themselves on diversity hires, everyone is kinda treated the same which is not great.

Women will move up just as unlikely as men. They have a amazing code they SAY they go by, but they don't.

Gh home depot sexy black women 10 9

They don't care about their employees they only care about themselves and if it benefits them then they're good with it. And the favoritism in my store is unreal.

in-xin-Owl-Linocut-Printed-Canvas-Wall-Art/ -Squad-SR-Women-SizeBlack-Fabric-Work-Shoe/ -Hinged-Shower-Door-in-Chrome-GW-GHCH/ The Criminal Investigations Department of the Ghana Police Service, has invited the Chairman of the . GHACEM Kumasi Depot linked to Data One Server. Explore Abi's board "Ghana, My Home" on Pinterest. africansoul: “ Odusami Tribe - South Central Ghana Their attire is too nice, especially the women's. Abi.

Store manager was a chauvinist pig who did not respect personal boundaries when asked to stop. New district manager and existing district hr manager knew of the bullying and made the problem me go away instead of helping an associate asking for help. It is very difficult to be promoted in this company and be a single mother. I get asked if I want to promote again Gh home depot sexy black women 10 9 remind them of my schedule and they tell me oh yea sorry.

Although the company prides itself on being progessive and diverse, on the store level it is a different story. Female associates get passed up for floor full time jobs by depoh associates. A slight sexism is still depog when you notice that typically only women work in certain departments. Also the Gh home depot sexy black women 10 9 is a Women want sex Commiskey supporter.

More focus needs to be our on the training of associates, Ghh mostly management of all ranks, to ensure jobs are done properly and effectively.